Ryan at Carenero Point

Bocas is known for surfing & is a favorite amongst traveling pros yet the waves are still relatively uncrowded. Bocas has hosted Mick Fanning, Jeremy Flores, Tom Curren, Dillon Perillo, Dane Renyolds, Taj Burrow & Kelly Slater amongst others. High Season is the main surf season with the waves being their best from December-April. August through October generally see the calmest/flattest conditions and are better suited for snorkeling or SUP. Bocas has waves for all skill levels, from the beginner who has never surfed before and wants to try to the charger who wants to take on the local big-wave spot, Silverbacks . We also offer a few board rentals just in case you left yours at home. If you’re a seasoned surfer, Ryan can give you advice as to what breaks are firing and how to get to them.  We can call boat drivers for you and the prices are dependent upon how far away the break is. Most waves are less than 5 minutes away with the furthest being no more than 25 minutes away. Everything is pretty close to us! There are waves that are within walking distance as well. Check out for an up to date surf report

2  minutes from our property is a little right reef break locals call “Dogwood”. It’s a bit tricky for beginners but when there’s swell those with experience will love being able to walk out their door and get in a quick session.  A hike up the path from us is Silverbacks  (very experienced riders only) which can hold up to 20ft. A heavy reef slab to say the least. Best to go by boat. Bring some volume and a thick leash! Hope you’ve been practicing the Wim Hof method!

If you’re in the mood for a 30 min, scenic hike through the jungle, Wizard is a peaky beach break with shifting sandbars and both rights and lefts.

A 5 minute boat ride from Bastimentos brings you to the island of Carenero and a left hand point break called “Carenero Point”. A long, barelling left over a reef/rock bottom, Carenero is a high performance wave and one of the most fun with multiple sections. Careful on the inside one! Old Mans and Black Rock are located further down on Carenero. A deeper reef with a right and a left is more forgiving than Carenero Point and is a good spot for beginner/intermediate surfers to lock in some fun ones and get their feet wet.

On the main island of Isla Colon outside of Bocas Town are a few other breaks to check out. Paunch, one of the most popular breaks offers both rights and mainly lefts over a shallow reef.  When there is swell there is not a shortage of waves. Bluff offers up a heavy close to shore beach break tube. Dumpers is a left over a coral reef slab with a hollow backdoor takeoff section. These waves are about 15 minutes away via boat or you can catch a taxi in Bocas Town and spend the day there checking them all out.

For beginners, we can put you in touch with one of the surf schools here in Bocas.

Throughout the year, we also do surf camps with noted people in the surf industry. Check our site for info on upcoming camps and age groups or get in touch to host your own!

RENTALS (Guest Rates)

short boards $15

long boards (foam top) $15

SUP $15  ($15 for under 2 hours)

The Firefly proudly supports The Surfrider Foundation.